Activities in Centre COMParte


The year 2016 has already started a few months ago and in those months a lot of things were going on in Centre COMParte, as they have been witnessing the arrival of new team members and the annual launching of activities.


bd1Since February the children and teenagers of Santa Rosa, Moralba and the neighborhoods have been enjoying breakdance classes two times a week. Hip hop dancing is a discipline that mixes physical exertion, good rhythm and team spirit. With these workshops, provided by a professional hip hop dancer, we want to introduce the participants to an activity of urban culture, a very present phenomenon in the area. These started a cycle of three urban activities, which are break dance, graffiti and rap. The latters will be implemented throughout the year.

cfc1The second achievement of this year 2016 is the opening of a participatory textile workshop. Three days a week people with various experiences in this field meet in the textile manufacturing room in Centro COMParte (providing and sharing lessons to each other). The group began with workshops of pattern construction and cut.

DSC00003 - copiaFinally, we have also been supporting children of the neighborhood with tutoring sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This proposal has become a big welcome from the children and more and more candidates are willing to be supported in doing their homework, either by a team member or by internet access, enabling them to solve their task (for example by identifying what are the three highest mountains in Colombia or what has been the history of the universe).

There will be soon more news about our activities … Get ready for novelties!