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Fernando Munoz – Consultant industrial design – Sembrando Confianza

Juan Diego Garzón Méndez – Consultant in agroecology – Sembrando Confianza

Chloé Tremblay Cloutier – Consultant Environment education and Food security – Sembrando Confianza

Laura Corredor – Consultant Environment education and Food security – Sembrando Confianza

Joseph Martínez – Accounting and administrative assistant

Elizabeth Rojas V. – Assistant Home Markets – Sembrando Confianza

Diana Santana– Coordinator Sembrando Confianza Women

Ramzi Gheribi – Responsible Environment education – Sembrando Confianza

Fleur-Éva Jezo – Responsible Food Security – Sembrando Confianza

Diego Cárdenas – Project manager

DiegoGratuate from a master of Political Science from the “Universidad Nacional” de Bogotá, Colombia; Diego also has a degree in Urban Environmental Management from the “Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas”. Besides, he has professional experiences in the organization of seminars and workshops for rural sustainable development. Having worked with the Office of Environment and the Office of Education from the city of Bogota, he then became coordinator of different project within PSF including . Now overall coordinator of PSF in Colombia, he focuses on strategic planning and is the main representative towards public and civil operators. Furthermore, he works on the requests for international funding and strives to create training workshops for the microentrepreneurs of the barrio.