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Sponsor Program for companies: El Plan Padrino

Sponsor Program is integral to the projects of PSF. Sponsors take part in the realization of the dynamic and innovative ideas of PSF, whose principal objective is to diminish vulnerability in developing countries through economic, community and participatory activities.

Please see more details here in spanish, please contact [email protected]


Sponsor program for companies: El Plan Padrino

Help the projets COMParte Centre and Seeds of Confiance (Sembrando Confianza). Please see more details here in spanish, please contact [email protected]


Financial donations

These are the donations given in the form of cash or check. They can be given by way of electronic transfers or consignments.

In-kind donations

These are donations of all types of articles and materials such as: stationary, software, computer equipment, technology, construction materials, furniture, machinery, merchandise, non-perishable food, among others.

Volunteer Work

For PSF, it’s very important to be able to count on the time and work that volunteers can give us in different areas.

Benefits of being a volunteer:
-Help others
-Meet new people
-Learn new skills

PSF is an organization with 6 years of experience and transparency in the management of social programs. PSF administers the resources it receives in a bank account exclusive to the Plan Padrino (Sponsor Program.) Annually, we inform all sponsors of how their money was put to use.

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