Ecotourism Joanes, Brazil

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The City’s main beach

Since October, 2011, Proyectar Sin Fronteras (PSF) works with the Guyanese Association, Amigos de Marajó (Friends of Marajó), on an ecotourism project. PSF Brazil has focused on the development of excursions for tourists in order to develop Joanes, a traditional fishing village located on the island of Marajó within the state of Para, Brazil.

The village suffers from two main difficulties: the depletion of fish populations, and the inadequate tourist infrastructure. These issues generate a number of negative impacts, such as contamination and water shortages, among others. The actions of PSF, therefore, are based on the logic of diversifying village activities, promoting local culture and preserving the environment.

In the summer of 2012, two interns traveled to Marajó to work with the local inhabitants on locating tour de

The PSF Brazil team

Furthermore, tounite common interests, a local cooperative is being formed. Today, this cooperative offers four excursions centered on the local environment and culture.

Five local residents volunteered to be tourist guides. A kiosk will serve as the office of the organization and point of information about the cooperative’s activities.