Projecting Without Borders (PSF in French) was born in Centre for Studies and Research on International

Development (CERDI in French ) in 2006 toDSC04331 promote international solidarity projects .

At the beginning Projecting Without Borders works with local partners and organizes activities to raise awareness of international development issues. The first projects started at the same year in the area of Santa Rosa in Bogota – Colombia. Today, PSF is present in these countries :

In Colombia : In the area of San Cristobal, in Bogota, PSF is working for the social y economical reinsertion of the armed conflict victim population through community integration activities, professional education and strengthening of small business.

IMG_1512In Peru : PSF implemented and have coordinated a tutoring and support system for the Chiclayo´s orphan in order to struggle against school failure and offer an adapted support. This system is encouraged by the students of Cesar Vallejo.

In India : PSF is working in a Tibetan refugee camp in Mainpat in order to improve the hydraulic system  and by the way the acces to water. The local population is also educated for maintain and optimizise the use of this natural resource.

In Brazilia : PSF initiated an economic transition project of the fisher community in the north of the country. The alieutic ressources of this area are contaminated and cannot be exploited. That’s why PSF is working on an implementation processes of new activities in order to replace the traditional ones.