PSF mission is to develop and promote participatory projects with high social impact, which reduce economic vulnerability through innovation in social finance.

concept of vulnerability

Vulnerabilties of areas which benefit of PSF


Among the projects implemented by PSF, reducing economic vulnerability must be accompanied by parallel programs that are intended to reduce at least one more vulnerability (social, cultural and / or environmental) of the beneficiaries. Projecting Without Borders is an innovative and dynamic NGO structured by a research base, a professional base and a student base. It will become in the long term, a source model to create a high added value, while remaining in a leadership perspective in the field of social development.

PSF offers solutions focusing primarily on social finance, professional, social and community support

Example of the Colombian project:

The pilot project “Solidarity Economy in Santa Rosa” has allowed FSPs to develop a social action model for post-conflict in Bogotá. This project aims to support the reconstruction of the socialization and the socio-economic revitalization of the neighborhood Santa Rosa (town of San Cristobal), place of residence of a hundred families of rehabilitated persons who cohabit with refugees and residents over a long time.