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I am a student of music. I’m 20 years old and I live the neighborhood Molinos de Cafam, one of the neighborhoods where PSF carries out its activities. I got to know  PSF because they supported my mother with her small business. The work they do really caught my eye and I decided to help them as a volunteer. I’m helping them in the community aspect of their work, with the graffiti workshops, in the Centro Comparte Community Center and in the textile workroom.

I like the idea of community projects and PSF has really good ideas for developing these types of projects. The experience has been great because I’ve learned a lot about various subjects. The best part is to see the faces of appreciation in the community when the projects are carried out. I like the opportunity that they give our community to fight for a more unified neighborhood and that every day gets better because of our working together.

My motto is: “He who does things willingly and with heart for his community will see a future of reason and peace.”

Britt Landis

SAM_2021I’m from Wisconsin in the United States. I lived in Bogotá from January, 2013 to August, 2014, working as an English teacher. Now I am working in Mexico but I continue my support for PSF (though in some different capacities due to my distance) because they are such a cool organization. I found out about PSF from the American Woman’s Club listserv. I decided to join their efforts because I wanted to be apart of a cool community in Bogotá that helped people in a real and innovative way.

My experience has been awesome. PSF makes me feel part of the team and gives me work that interests me and works for me. I’ve helped with communications, construction work in the community center and doing translations. What I like the most about working for them is the opportunity to work with a group of dedicated people and to see the results of the projects and work in the community of San Cristobal.

 I recommend anyone interested to join PSF. It’s a creative and dedicated organization and it does real things for the community.


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I’m French, I’m a business administrator, I’ve lived in Bogotá since August, 2008. My wife is Colombian, thus I came to live with her and get to know a new country, new language and new culture.  I got to know the NGO because I met Juan Forero, the codirector of PSF through “La Pola Social,” an event that fosters the exchange of ideas, knowledge and the amplification of the professional networks between people and organizations, thus I joined PSF as a volunteer because its projects are very inspiring and have an enormous potential to transform lives. I started in September of 2013; in these months of experience with PSF, I’ve had an activity that truly impacts my life. Even more importantly, I hope that my work has been able to help entrepreneurs at the “base of the pyramid” to be able to continue with their work and have both a better economic and social future.

 The projects that PSF are developing with the community in Santa Rosa havce a great future and above all will impact the benefiting populations at an economic, social and cultural level. This is what most motivates me and still motivates me to be part of PSF as a volunteer. Thus just as I am motivated, I would like to motivate many more people by telling them it’s good world to be apart of–one enriches one’s own life and the lives of other with PSF’s projects.