The Proyectar Sin Fronteras Foundation (PSF) was born in 2007 from the friendship between two Colombian students in France, Luis Salamanca and Juan Forero, and their desire to positively impact vulnerable communities through their knowledge and experience. Each Foundation project aims to support the construction and consolidation of the social, environmental and economic fabric in the impacted communities.

Throughout its existence, PSF developed and implemented several programs, each with a different approach and methodology:

- The Centro Comparte Center for Spiritual, Cultural and Entrepreneurship Integration has the objective of generating connections between institutions to enhance their value offers in favor of personal and community development in addition to achieving the integration of young people and adults in a space designed by and for the community. The program was implemented in the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa and Moralba (locality of San Cristóbal, Bogotá) between 2012 and 2019 and impacted more than 890 participants through different projects

- The Sembrando Confianza program aims to transform the agri-food system towards a sustainable model that improves the quality of life of each of the actors and promotes environmental conservation through agroecological principles, education and the gender perspective. Since its creation in 2012, Sembrando Confianza has impacted numerous urban and rural communities using agroecology as a tool for social transformation.

Throughout its years of experience, the Foundation has been evolving, consolidating a robust team of professionals, practitioners, volunteers and allies, all acting with the same common objective: generating a positive impact on a social, economic and environmental level.