What we do

The Proyectar Sin Fronteras Foundation (PSF) is a Franco-Colombian non-profit organization founded in 2007. We implement programs and projects with high social, environmental and economic impact in developing countries.

Our mission

Transform the agri-food system towards a sustainable model that improves the quality of life of each of the actors and promotes environmental conservation through agroecological principles, education and the gender perspective.

Our vision

Projecting Without Borders has the vision of becoming an innovative and dynamic NGO, structured on a professional, research and student basis, which eventually becomes a model of high added value and leadership perspectives in the world of development NGOs.

Our team

Angela Cruz

Encargada de logística y proveedores

Angélica Guerrero

Analista contable y administrativa

Ramzi Gheribi

Coordinador de proyectos

Luis Salamanca


Sarah Rybakiewicz

Encargada de producto

Luis Porras

Ingeniero en Agroecología Junior

Adriana Gonzalez

Encargada comercial

Gilberto Zapata

Revisor fiscal

Johan Hernández

Encargado de comunicaciones

Alejandra García

Coordinadora de proyectos

Camila Sánchez

Ingeniera en Agroecología

Juan Forero


Diego Cárdenas

Asesor especial

Andrea Gómez

Coordinadora de proyectos

Clara Coulont

Encargada de voluntariados

Juliana Murcia

Enfoque con comunidades